I think it’s pretty simple.  There are many ways moving to a cloud-computing software model like LabRetriever™ can provide improved efficiencies and a stronger bottom line:

  • Getting Started – Yes, we charge a nominal implementation fee, but that includes the building of the customer portal, hours of reasonable customization and on-site training of users that is based on the natural cycle of the sleep study.  Your sleep lab certainly doesn’t run from 9am-5pm and neither does our team!  Our on-site specialist will be there from the start of your business day until your technicians start recording.  Best of all, if we already integrate with your PSG manufacture, you can be implemented in as little as two weeks from contract execution.
  • Monthly Savings – LabRetriever™ makes it easy for stand-alone and hospital-based sleep labs, sleep lab management companies, or home sleep testing services to manage and store their data and patient information.  Our customers don’t need to be concerned with costs related to updating software, security and server maintenance.  They just focus on their number one priority…quality patient care.
  • Alleviate Hardware Nightmares – LabRetriever™ is in the business of providing a reliable service that minimizes your infrastructure.  There’s no need to purchase expensive hardware and maintain it.  Our cloud-based solution gives you all the power, storage and access control your business needs without sustaining a large recurring IT expense.
  • Exceptional Customer Support – We don’t just provide support, we excel in it!  Our Technical Support Team has only one thing in mind… complete customer satisfaction.  From software issue resolution to customization requests, they give 100% to get the job done! It’s no wonder our monthly surveys find our customer rating so high.
  • Pricing Adjustments  – You may think your business is running most efficiently on a ‘get-what-you-pay-for’ pricing model and that isn’t uncommon, but our billing staff will monitor your account and let you know when you’ve reached the possibility for a different pricing option.  If your utilization reaches a tipping point for three consecutive months, we’ll proactively offer you a simpler per bed rate, regardless of where you are in your contract period.
  • We’re Your Partner – In the end, the LabRetriever™ team prides ourselves on considering our customers as partners in success.  We want you to spend less time worrying about technology and more time giving your patients and staff the best environment you can offer.

A stronger bottom line, improved efficiencies, no maintenance concerns, and technical support that is unsurpassed are some of the many benefits of having LabRetriever Sleep Lab Management Software in your lab.  Schedule a demo today.  It will take less than an hour of time and you may be pleasantly surprised by what we can do for you!

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