SleepEx LabRetriever takes time during each holiday season to give pause for reflection.  We think about the year that has passed, our accomplishments with customers and vendors, and consider how we will approach the new year.

Part of this process includes remembering our co-founder by choosing what other companies would call “Employee of the Year”.    All SleepEx LabRetriever employees cast their vote for one person who represents what Wally Carruthers set out to accomplish with our company.  He was the Co-founder and Chairman of SleepEx,  well known and respected in the Sleep Industry, a devoted family man, beloved community leader and someone with a clear vision for his company.

In September of 2008, Wally passed away leaving the sleep industry and the company deeply saddened.  Our team has since dedicated the development of our software, level of customer service, and commitment to one another to exemplify his vision:

“We will build great products, provide excellent customer support and make SleepEx a good and fun place to work, and then we will be successful.”

Please join us in congratulating Director of Client Services, Giac Nghe for winning the 2015 Wally Award!!  Giac is on his 10th year of employment with SleepEx LabRetriever and has worn many hats during his tenure.

Joining our team from Fiserv Securities where he served in a variety of Information Technology roles,  Giac brings extensive experience and holds a B.S. in Management Information Systems from Northwood University. He is also currently completing his EMBA at Temple University Fox School of Business.  Hired as a technical support team member, he advanced through the years to Director of Technical Services and finally as Director of Client Services.  His current role allows him to develop and implement sales and marketing strategies,  consult with customers regarding industry best practices, and work closely with them to ensure their sleep lab management solution is just what they want.

Giac focuses on providing excellence in the customer’s experience.  His expertise of different PSG vendors has proven crucial for our ability to integrate them into our infrastructure.  He expertly manages to customize the product, streamline workflow, and even establish communication with third-party software programs.  His integration and HL7 knowledge allows LabRetriever to pass information to and from hospital EMRs, billing, and other software which eliminates duplicate entry, saving time and resources.  Giac’s mission is to create a unique, customized solution for each customer while addressing their wants and needs.  What a great way to represent Wally and his vision for the company!


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