Change is inevitable.  We all know that, but often think we aren’t ready to make bold moves that alter the ‘tried and true’ processes in our lives.  I spent years avoiding the purchase of a smart phone.  What did I need it for, after all, I only used my phone to talk and text?  I finally broke down, accepted the fate technology created for me and bought one.  That’s when I realized the real truth…I only talked and texted on my old phone, because that’s all it allowed me to do!

Now, you can hear me shout from the rooftops “I don’t know how I ever lived without a smart phone!” I’m a very busy person with little down-time and due to the technology, I’ve saved countless of hours, become more organized, added some free time to my calendar and consequently, eased stress.

So, I would like to apply that logic to the sleep professionals who are hesitant or even nervous about moving to a sleep lab management software solution.  Take a look at the top 7 reasons why you should make the change…



One of the most common questions asked from decision makers is “Can I afford to make the move to a new software system?”  I think the real question is “How can you afford not to?”

Sleep lab management software providers aren’t looking to ‘break the bank’ of their customers.  It’s actually quite the opposite.   They want to be a part of maximizing your bottom-line and quality of patient care.

LabRetriever customers know first-hand how inexpensive getting started can be.  The team works to plan the right type of training and even figures out a payment plan for implementation fees when necessary.  Most customers pay month-to-month based on the pricing option that works best for them.

Sound simple?  Well, it really is.  With an integration to all the major PSG/HST vendors and many of the small ones, getting started could take as little as two weeks.  Imagine your business going from 0 to 60 with minimal investment. Then imagine how that one change will help fill your beds quicker, communicate instantly, organize all of your patient information, give you customized reports, and even sign documents for you.  It’s a game changer.


It doesn’t matter whether you have one lab or ten, the steps from receipt of a referral to treatment and follow-ups are the same.  Although the size of the business doesn’t matter, the division of those tasks and number of employees involved does.  Maybe you only have two staff members that do it all…or perhaps you have one central scheduler, one benefits verifier, and one person designated to scan documents and questionnaires, etc.

Regardless of the number of employees, the steps have to get done.  The key here is to use software to keep your staff organized and on task.  LabRetriever uses the clever term “Task Lists”…imagine that!

Let’s look at splitting up the activities for scheduling:  Some people need to work the “Need Benefits Verification” list, others are working on the “Patients That Need ‘H&P’ Approval”, while still others are calling patients on the “To Be Scheduled List”.  By compartmentalizing those tasks, you make it simple to check off each one.


The quicker you get that office visit or sleep study scheduled, the better.  This is the first step to patient care and so important to the bottom line.  It’s as fast as three clicks: “Find Patient” (click)…”Calendar” (click)…”Appointment Slot” (click).  LabRetriever creates the order for the patient, makes the appointment and even sends out a confirmation email if you want.

Of course, if you have a little more time and want to enter more detailed patient information while you’ve got them on the phone, you can do that too!


Have a question or need information on a patient?  The ability to have a their entire history in one place, including reports, forms and questionnaires, appointments, geographical information, etc., is a big time saver.  Let’s face it, something like LabRetriever’s Patient Sidebar can get you the answers you need and fast!  You may actually find yourself with a little free time to grab an extra cup of coffee.

Even better, you can customize your patient information to include fields that aren’t standard.  Maybe you want to know if a patient prefers dark or milk chocolate.  Why that would be important is anyone’s guess, but if it’s something you want then you’ve got it.


This one can be tough if you have several labs and don’t have lab management software designed for multiple locations.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to view appointments on all sites, one site or any combination in between on one master calendar?  Of course it would!  You can centralize scheduling to save time and free up personnel to be used elsewhere.

Let’s say you’ve got five locations and Mr. Jones calls to schedule an appointment.  He travels a lot for business and is only available on Mondays and Fridays.  He will go to whatever location is available, but would like something close to his home.  All you need to do is use the ”Find Appointment” feature, let LabRetriever know the details and it will look on the calendar for open slots.  In a matter of seconds, the appointment is scheduled and Mr. Jones is back to business.


The whole point of creating a workflow that works best for your business is to get the patient proper care and do so in the quickest, most accurate way possible.  Referring physicians want the results for their patients and don’t want to have to call and say “This is Dr. Sleep’s office.  We haven’t received the results for Mr. Jones.  Are they ready yet?”

How about setting up automatic notifications instead?  They keep people in the loop and save time.  Referring physicians get emails when their patients are scheduled, or cancel, or are completed.  They also automatically get a fax with the results when they are available.

#1 – DON’T LOSE YOUR PATIENTS (or your patience)!

People get busy.  We are all guilty of having to cancel an appointment or, on occasion, just forget altogether.  Making sure those patients get contacted and rescheduled is a crucial feature for any sleep lab management solution.  After all, patient care is a priority and you don’t want anyone to fall through the cracks.

For example, let’s say Mrs. Smith calls and says “I’m so sorry, but my husband is whisking me away on a surprise vacation and I won’t be able to make my appointment on Thursday.  I’ll call back to reschedule when I get back.”  Yes, you can tell it’s a made-up situation, because that scenario rarely happens. Still, you need to cancel the appointment.

As soon as you cancel it, the appointment automatically changes status and moves to the “To-Be-Scheduled” list.  Now, the schedulers are assured Mrs. Smith can enjoy her time away and will take care of getting her on the calendar when she returns.

Even better, LabRetriever allows you to create a “Short Notice” list of patients. These are people who want to be seen sooner if there is an opening.  You check the box on their order “ShortNotice=Yes” and the list is created.  So, Mrs. Smith’s bed won’t remain empty for long and you don’t lose money!

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