Our team is always talking with customers and those in the industry to figure out which features will continue to keep our software at the forefront.  Last year at SLEEP 2018, we revealed our Text Messaging and Text-to-Voice (T2V) technology.

A growing portion of the population is relying on their smart phones for just about everything from getting directions to finding out up-to-the minute weather predictions to managing their calendars. There’s very little that can’t be done with what is essentially a handheld computer, internet access and some cool “apps”.  Even with aging or rural demographics, text messaging has become a more popular and simple way to reach just about anyone.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be focusing on how this technology can be used to streamline communication, increase bed utilization and learn more about the patient experience.  Once again, LabRetriever has you covered so you can focus on providing excellence in patient care.

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