Why We’re Better

Our experience is unmatched. For the last 17 years, we have dedicated ourselves to becoming experts in integrating all aspects of your business so that you can get back to the business of sleep. This dog certainly has the best tricks!

Exceptional Service

It doesn’t get better than the LabRetriever™ sleep lab management team! Friendly, loyal, and tenacious, we don’t stop until our customers are satisfied.

  • We understand your sleep business isn’t just open 9 to 5. Our tech support hours are customized to the natural cycle of the sleep study, so we’re there when you need us.
  • Our sales team is ready to help analyze your business and find the perfect pricing model. We know one price does not always fit all. Your lab isn’t like any other, so we offer pricing options that consider your utilization, users, and budgeting process.
  • Our customers are our partners when it comes to creating LabRetriever™ solutions. Our development team works tirelessly to ensure desired features are included in future updates and new releases. They speak and we listen!

Powerful and Flexible Access Control

We let you decide who can access data, modules, and the schedules, either as a group or on an individual basis. With the option to define permissions, you can lock down your data so only authorized users have access.

Integrations with Numerous PSG Vendors

LabRetriever™ currently integrates with more PSG vendors than any other sleep EMR in the industry. We have a stable of PSG software integrations that will allow you to completely manage and archive your sleep data from acquisition through interpretation. A few examples of these are:

  • Philips Respironics (Alice5 / AliceG3)
  • Embla® Sandman®
  • Carefusion SomnoStar®
  • CleveMed Crystal PSG

For a complete list of PSG equipment LabRetriever integrates with our PSG Compatibility Matrix.